Description of the ArcelorMittal Network in Steel Construction

At the occasion of the 1st Scientific Partners Day hold in Belgium on Nov 27th, 2006, the need to set up Thematic Scientific Networks has been expressed, with the aim of improving the collaborative work between ArcelorMittal with the scientific community and of attracting the best students while opening up a strong international and industrial approach.

Quickly the decision has been taken to create such international thematic networks which would be steered by the ArcelorMittal R&D Centre concerned within the group and coordinated by the Long Term Corporate Partner (LTCP) Laboratories.

The ArGEnCo (Architecture, Geology, Environment and Construction) Department at the University of Liège is the Group’s LTCP laboratory for the Construction market. It has therefore been tasked with creating and conducting a network in this field, to be steered by the Construction Cluster of Arcelor Research Industry Liège.

The main objective, on a global level, is to disseminate and integrate a steel culture (scientific and technical knowledge, marketing, standardisation, lobbying, etc.) to support the commercial strategy of ArcelorMittal in this sector.

Three main domains have been identified and considered to be strategic for the development of ArcelorMittal on the construction market are:

  • Sustainable construction (including building physics)
  • Safe construction (fire, earthquake, robustness)
  • Civil engineering (structures, bridges, wind mills...)

The ArcelorMittal Network in Steel Construction is the first international ArcelorMittal Network. It regroups suitable reference scientific partners in each of the major zones of the world. Some of the collaborative activities between the partners are listed hereunder:

  • exchange of students (traineeship, diploma works, double diploma)
  • joint PhDs
  • post doctorates and sabbaticals
  • continuing education, specialised seminars, summer universities, PhD days,…
  • common R&D projects