Belgian Royal mission in India

During the Belgian Royal mission in India, Li├Ęge University and IIT Bombay have signed a Memorandum

For the ArcelorMittal Group, there is a need to set up and facilitate scientific partner networks with the aim of improving the collaborative work with the scientific community and of attracting the best students while opening up a strong international and industrial approach.

One of the major actions is to create international thematic networks conducted by Long Term Corporate Partner (LTCP) Laboratories and steered by the R&D Centre concerned within the group.

The ArGEnCo (Architecture, Geology, Environment and Construction) Department at the University of Liège is the Group's LTCP laboratory for the Construction market. It has been tasked with creating and conducting a network in this field, to be steered by the Construction Cluster of Arcelor Research Industry Liège.

The issue is therefore, on a global level, to disseminate and integrate a steel culture (scientific and technical knowledge, marketing, standardisation, lobbying, etc.) to support the commercial strategy of the Group in this sector.

The Construction Network comprised 16 members throughout the whole world (China, Brazil, Canada, Europe, and U.S.A.). But recently it has been extended to India, and more particularly to the Indian Institute of Technology Bombay (IITB) at Mumbay.

At the occasion of the recent State Visit of the King Albert II of the Belgians and the Queen Paola in India, Liège University and IIT Bombay have signed on November 7th a Memorandum of Understanding through which they declare their respective wishes to closely collaborate in the future in the framework of the ArcelorMittal Scientific Network for Construction. Before in the day, a seminar had been organised between representatives of Liège University and IIT Bombay, but also with various other representatives of the academic and industrial world in India. Mr Bhatnagar, CEO of ArcelorMittal India, was also present and his encouragements to intensify such relationships with India have been appreciated by all participants.