New ECCS publication on « simple joints »

European Recommendations for the Design of Simple Joints in Steel Sructure are now available

This document intends to provide European recommendations for the design of simple joints in steel structures.

Eurocode 3 Part 1-8 "Design of Connections" gives precise guidelines for the design of structural moment resisting joints. But for simple joints, transferring shear forces only, information is only provided in Eurocode 3 for some specific failure modes. The way on how internal forces distribute amongst the various components within the joints is also not explicitly described.

The present publication fills this gap by proposing practical guidelines for the design of simple joints commonly used in Europe. The design rules presented in this document are in full agreement with the principles of Eurocode 3, and in particular of Eurocode 3 Part 1-8.

This document has been prepared at Liège University, editorially checked by Prof. D. Anderson from Warwick University and approved by the Technical Committee TC10 (involving some partners of the Network).

Document available here.