SUSCOS Short course organised in the new ArcelorMittal Office Building La Petrusse in Luxembourg

After small but necessary rearrangements of agendas, the SUSCOS Short course will be organised in the new ArcelorMittal Office Building La Petrusse in Luxembourg from the 23rd to the 25th of October.

The targeted public is:

PhD and Master students (architecture, environment and construction domain) or equivalent,
Practitioners: Architect / Design / Material specialists
Building market stakeholders
Environment specialists
Here are some important recalls:

Aim of the course: The course aims to provide a wide overview of the sustainability of the construction sector and, in particular, of steel construction. Furthermore, it aims to develop advanced skills in the field of sustainability.

Development: This time, it is divided in three parts and is followed by a presentation of the Geocluster Mapping Tool of FP7 GE20 made by AM.

• Part A - Sustainability of steel and steel structures & Life-Cycle Assessment (LCA) - with accent on production of steel, contribution of steel structures to sustainability, life-cycle inventory and allocation of recycling. EXERCISES: Cradle-to-gate/grave analysis of composite columns.

• Part B - Thermal Behaviour and Energy efficiency in buildings - with accent on energy efficiency of steel buildings, practical calculation of consumption & losses. EXERCISES: Weather data analysis, U-value quantification, parametric analysis using DesignBuilder.

• Part C - Assessment of the sustainability of buildings - in the form of working group case-study: LCA and optimization of a light-weight steel building considering environmental, economical and social criteria.

Price: Externs 500€, AM & member of the network 250€, free of charge for master students from Network institutions.

The leaflet of this event can be downloaded HERE.

Sincerely yours,,

Barbara Rossi & Valérie Huet